Paul Buysens, co-CEO Incofin

“At Incofin, we truly believe that entrepreneurship is a solution to many of today’s big challenges.”

About us

We are … Incofin

We invest in impact in impact to drive inclusive progress and sustainable transitions. That is why Incofin, founded in 2001, manages funds and investments in emerging countries. Our investors are leading development funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, alternative investment funds, high net worth and retail investors.

We are…
committed beyond investment

We invest in impact. As a dedicated team, our mission centers on driving meaningful impact in emerging economies, all while aiming for a sustainable and healthy return. We believe in what we do. We are a team owned company, investing in our own funds.

We are not afraid of taking risks – our experience and processes allow us to adeptly navigate them. We tread unexplored paths, pioneering investments in regions and sectors that others shy away from. This empowers us to attain heightened impact without compromising overall returns, a testament to our fervent commitment to pushing the boundaries of inclusive progress.

We commit every day to delivering a consistent pattern of successful investments with impact and returns; this is our promise to our investors, investees and their clients.

We invest…
in entrepreneurial spirit

Propelled by an entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine concern for humanity, willing to support sustainable transitions our solutions are designed to foster inclusion within communities across the globe. By creating opportunities for vulnerable and underserved individuals to enhance their lives, we champion impactful outcomes.

We actively embrace and encourage the entrepreneurial zeal of our investees. Recognizing the daily trials and triumphs they face within their local contexts, we provide unwavering support. Drawing from our extensive on-the-ground experience worldwide, we share invaluable expertise that aids in enhancing and optimizing their business performance.

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“Incofin has a good understanding of what’s going on in the field and is willing to support in difficult times.”

General Manager

We are…

With a global presence encompassing 5 offices and a dynamic team with over 25 nationalities and 90 dedicated professionals, we operate in a decentralised way. We promote physical and cultural proximity to our investees. We are a respectful, accessible and practical investor.  We are deeply attuned to the business and social goals of our investees, positioning us as their primary source of support. We are responsive, swiftly translate our investees’ ambitions into actions and solutions.

We are…
aspiring for more

Originating from a small team since 2001, we have grown our business into a global independent impact investment management company.

We love to partner with investors and portfolio companies, with whom we share common goals. With more than 30 equity investments, over 10 exits, and in excess of 110 debt investees, we are proud to say that we have helped build and support solid institutions serving millions of clients globally, especially enterprises in rural areas and smallholder farmers.


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Our Values

All of Incofin’s activities come under the umbrella of strong values and purpose. Incofin commits to the highest professional standards and ethics. We value diversity, entrepreneurship, mutual respect, and willingness to listen. We foster transparency and practicality, internally and externally. We love to challenge and to be challenged, both within our team and with our stakeholders. And above all: we love to generously share our insights within our ecosystem.