Belgian market leader in impact financing and investments, Incofin, supports the impact sector’s initiatives to double the number of Belgian impact investments in less than five years. The creation of a new institute, the publication of a study and now the Belgian Impact Day coming Wednesday in Brussels all underscore the ambitions of the sector in Belgium.  

A study mapping the Belgian impact finance market for the very first time, found out that between 6 and 16 billion euros are invested in impact finance in Belgium – 1 to 2.5% of total assets under management. With more than 1.4 billion euros, Incofin is the market leader in Belgium. In Belgium, there is room for an acceleration. The study predicts that within three to five years, impact financing will take up 30 billion of assets under management in Belgium. Incofin already formulated its ambition to double its portfolio in five years at the beginning of 2022. The entire sector is now gearing up for growth in the coming years.

A consortium of eight Belgian organisations active in impact financing King Baudouin Foundation, Incofin, SFPIM, Solifin, Impact Capital, BIO, Kois and the Foundation for Future Generation joined forces.

Co-initiator of Impact Finance Belgium and Chairman of Incofin, Loic De Cannière confides that “It was time to combine efforts among impact players and convince investors and politicians of the need for a growing impact movement in Belgium. We cannot rely on governments and public money alone to solve the challenges facing our planet. Let’s use this great tool that is impact investing. Incofin will continue to play its pioneering role in this.”

These eight impact organisations have created a new institute, Impact Finance Belgium. And they are organising the upcoming Belgian Impact Day, an inspiring event that will gather hundreds of Belgian investors, policy makers, financial institutions and entrepreneurs.

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