Two years after becoming one of the founding signatories of the Operating Principles for Impact Management, Incofin releases the 2021 update of its annual disclosure statement.

A few months ago, an external auditor (Ernst & Young) endorsed Incofin’s alignment to the 9 principles. Incofin now renews its annual disclosure statement. This re-affirms the adjustment of Incofin’s impact management system to the nine principles and reflects the continuous enhancements we make to our processes.  The nine principles aim to set a global standard for impact management. Incofin’s investment strategy is for example aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With 132 signatories to date, we are proud to contribute to promoting the highest impact standards within the industry.

For the full statement :

Impact Management Principles Incofin Disclosure Statement

Verification Statement

One year after Incofin signed  the global standard that IFC set for impact management, Ernst & Young confirms in their report Incofin’s alignment to the nine principles.

Incofin committed in May 2020 as signatory to the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Operating Principles for Impact Management. The nine principles aim to set a global standard for impact management. Incofin’s investment strategy is for example aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This commitment is now endorsed by the auditor’s report of Ernst & Young.

The nine principles we are endorsing:

  1. Define strategic impact objective(s), consistent with the investment strategy
  2. Manage strategic impact on a portfolio basis
  3. Establish the manager’s contribution to the achievement of impact
  4. Assess the expected impact of each investment, based on a systematic approach
  5. Assess, address, monitor and manage potential negative impacts of each investment
  6. Monitor the progress of each investment in achieving impact against expectations and respond appropriately
  7. Conduct exits considering the effect on sustained impact
  8. Review, document, and improve decisions and processes based on the achievement of impact and lessons learned
  9. Publicly disclose alignment with the Principles and provide regular independent verification of the alignment

For the full statement on the IFC Operating Principle :

IFC Operating Principles Incofin Disclosure Statement

Impact is the core of Incofin’s existence and operations: positive outcomes to make a tangible difference for entrepreneurs all around the globe in emerging and developing countries. Read about tangible impact results in our newest Impact Report. Curious about the state of affairs on the impact front? Do you want to know on which Sustainable Development Goals Incofin has contributed? Excited to know more about Incofin’s newest initiatives (water, nutrition or Covid-support)?

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Impact Report 2020

We are pleased to announce our June Impact Newsletter. This newsletter comes at challenging times for our partners and end clients. Times during which we at Incofin stand side by side with our investees, times in which we are providing adequate support to our clients to maintain, and even expand, our impact.


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Incofin is pleased to publish the Incofin Investment Management 2018-2019 Impact Report. We are proud to share with you our many examples of Incofin’s best impact practices and demonstrate how our company is actively pursuing its impact mandate, with the support of our advisors and investors and thanks to our investees working everyday to positively impact the lives of their clients.

Discover the full report of our impact achievements and forward looking impact goals.