The Covid-19 virus turns out to be the black swan of 2020 and its spreading is impacting the daily life of all of us. The health of our staff and partner institutions is our primary concern and we are taking all responsible action to help to stop the virus spreading further.

At the same time, we are ensuring to stay fully operational. Business travels are limited to the minimum and meetings in person are replaced by teleconferences. All Incofin IM staff members are working from home as per default and individual cases for office permanence have been organized. This way we ensure our reception is open for receiving documents and attending your calls. It is important to note that Incofin IM is already well equipped with secured IT-systems and servers that provide access to all staff 24/7 all over the world.

We are intensifying the contact with  both our investors as our investees. We want to follow-up our portfolio of investees and ensure adequate support to our clients. Especially in these times we want to understand how we can best support our partners in the turbulent period.

We realize that the full impact of the current events in the sectors that we are investing in can be well understood within the coming weeks or months. As we progressively gain intelligence, we will adapt our responses and work closely with our partners to protect our investors’ interests while ensuring our investees’ impact can be continued.

This is not the first time the impact investment sector is facing critical events, such as the global financial crisis of 2008, the Nicaragua no-pago movement in 2009, the Indian Andra Pradesh microfinance meltdown in 2010, … Most of our investor base has also gone through rough times as these and puts a lot of trust in us.

We are living the moment where our company’s committed culture is being called upon. One thing is certain, Incofin IM will stay committed to pursue delivering on both financial returns and impact objectives.


Let’s stay safe and healthy.


Incofin IM-team












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