Incofin IM appoints David Dewez as Managing Partner and a member of the Management Committee. David Dewez is currently the Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. He is also Agro Fund Manager.

David Dewez, of Belgian-Bolivian origin, has over 22 years of experience in the financial services and agri-food sectors in developing countries and has been with Incofin IM since 2007. He occupied several functions, from Investment Manager to Regional Director and Agro Fund Manager. In his 12 years at Incofin, David has been actively involved in developing the investment portfolio in Latin-America and Africa. He has started a direct agro- lending portfolio, developed a highly-effective impact assessment and self-governance tool. He launched successfully the first Incofin regional office in Bogotá and has been an active member of the Leadership Team. As member of the Investment Committee of the Fairtrade Access Fund he contributed in developing the fund to one of the most sustainable agriculture funds for smallholders worldwide.

David is also an active member of the Council on Smallholder Agriculture Finance (CSAF), the group of impact investors investing in sustainable agriculture. He has over 13 years of experience in Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions in Latin America: in Bolivia, Haiti, Colombia and Mexico. David holds a Master of Arts (Economics) from Université Laval, Canada and Economics Degree from Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium.

In his new role he is responsible for the global agriculture/food debt portfolio, as well as focused on the strategy and organization of the investment team in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, the supervision of Technical Assistance and Impact Assessment activities and reporting globally. Together with Loïc De Cannière, Paul Buysens and Geert Peetermans he is from now on member of the Management Committee. The managing partners of Incofin IM are excited to welcome David Dewez in their team.

“David is a very versatile and competent team player, a thought leader, who embodies the Incofin values. As his proven record in agri-debt and impact shows, he brings an impressively extensive management expertise on board.” (Managing Partner Paul Buysens)


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David Dewez appointed as Managing Partner of Incofin IM

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