In a country like India where post-harvest losses amount to 10%, Sohan Lal Commodity Management PVT Ltd. (SLCM) has been instrumental in devising technology that has cut post harvest losses to a just a mere 0.5%. SLCM has devised standard operating procedures combining technology with agri domain expertise, that allow the group to operate any warehouse agnostic to infrastructure, location, weather pattern across any kind of agriculture crop. It has also applied for patenting this scientific technology of storage under the name of “AGRI REACH”.

AGRI REACH is the culmination of all the processes, methods and systems that the Group follows to maintain health of the crop and start operations of a warehouse in just 24-48 hours at any location irrespective of infrastructure and provide the same operational excellence in the facility. It involves 79 Internal Audits to ensure the quantity and quality of the commodity in all the warehouses. Henceforth, AGRI REACH gives an interim solution to “Food Security Problem” of India which is a major social challenge to our society. It helps in bringing back that 9.5% wasted crop back to the plates of people of India.

Sohan Lal Commodity Management PVT Ltd. (SLCM)

SLCM uses technology enabled finance and logistics to offer innovative solutions to smallholder farmers and agriculture value chain SMEs. SLCM has over 2.300 warehouses in India and is present in 20 Indian states and 29 locations in Myanmar. They are committed to working towards exponentially multiplying the number of customers over the next 3 years, including direct outreach to smallholder farmers and continuing to strengthen the agriculture value chain.

Incofin IM invested in SLCM from its USD 151 million agRIF fund.

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About the Awards

India has one of the world’s highest demographics of population suffering from malnutrition: the under-nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies continue to be widespread. The government has taken initiative of large food security and anti-poverty programs, still poor quality of food lacking essential micronutrients and unhygienic conditions of storage is a big problem in our country.

To address this subject matter of international importance ASSOCHAM annually organises “Conference cum Awards on Nutrition & Food Security: Agriculture, Food Processing, Supply chain”. This conference cum awards provides the platform for global leaders, practitioners, scientists, farmers, the private sector, organized agriculture, civil society, and NGOs to discuss and share experiences on successes, and to deliberate the opportunities and challenges faced in ensuring food and nutrition security.

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