A year after Incofin India Progress Fund’s first investment in SuperZop, Incofin invested a second tranche in SuperZop. The amount of the second investment tranche, after the USD 1 million investment in 2021, is USD 2.7 million (INR 20 Cr).

This first year of investment was marked as a year of growth for our Indian partners, which confirmed Incofin’s trust and the trust of all the investors of the Incofin India Progress Fund to make this second investment.

?SuperZop has supported in a year time + 2,800 farmers by enabling market linkages, resulting in better prices.

?The company successfully expanded its presence in Surat, Nashik and Raighad.

?The monthly orders increased by 2.4x and the number of actively ordered stores tripled.

?SME retailers doubled on SuperZop’s platform

?SuperZop delivered more than 20,000 tons of safe and high-quality commodities.

?Various range of products was launched (+ 100 stock units), with 30% monthly growth in its own retail brand (Khetika) for agriculture products like nuts.


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