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“Incofin keeps its word when it comes to their commitments. We are very grateful for this trusted partnership.”


Incofin is an active investor. We go beyond just providing capital – we work with our investees through their challenges and collaborate with them towards value creation. This is why Incofin refers to itself as “committed beyond investment”. We assist our clients before, during and after the investment as we provide advice, expertise and, where appropriate, Technical Assistance.


We are a hands-on investor, a “co-pilot” for the institutions we support. We share and encourage the entrepreneurial drive of our investees. We support, help develop and improve the performance of their businesses by sharing expertise that we have gathered from our years of global field experience. With more than 30 equity investments including a strong exit track record, we are proud to say that we have helped build and support solid institutions serving millions of clients globally.

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“We believe Incofin provides a level of oversight and support that is crucial to AMK’s continued progress. Its imprint on AMK strategy is therefore quite clear and much appreciated by all stakeholders.”



Risk capital is the core of Incofin’s investment activities. We have an exceptional track record in providing debt and quasi-equity financing to over 300 investees across 65 countries. 

USD 1.6B
USD 583m
25,6m (61%)

We recognise that the nature of our business exposes our portfolio to various types of risks and we seek to minimise these through a combination of portfolio diversification, hedging instruments, insurance policies and strict due diligence processes. The average annual loan loss rate over the total loans disbursed is 0.04%, demonstrating the debt team’s ability to develop a high quality portfolio over a sustained period of time.


Smallholders represent 70% of the world’s poor and contribute more than 80% of total food production on our planet. Yet they are severely financially underserved due to market breakdowns and challenges in the value chain structures of smallholders. Because of this, agri-finance is central to Incofins long term vision.

USD 48m

At Incofin, we are addressing these big challenges by providing risk capital to sustainability focused producer cooperatives and agro SMEs. With a strong investment track record diversified across 14 countries and 10 different crops, the agrofinance portfolio has provided more than 48m USD in financing to smallholder farmers. Our dedicated investment team oversees a balanced portfolio of 36 clients serving local food chain systems as well as global food demands for exported products.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is an important part of Incofins Capital Plus approach, whereby in addition to direct investments, Incofin provides tailored capacity building to its investees across funds and geographies. 


We continuously work to mobilise donor funding to implement tailored, high quality capacity building programs that respond to the real needs of our investees. We work with a well-established network of service providers to ensure our clients get the right expertise and support. We continuously monitor the project development, evaluate results and measure impact for investees and for end clients.

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“Through Technical Assistance, we seek to improve the living conditions of small entrepreneurs in developing countries.”