Aimed at fostering the financial inclusion of smallholder farmers and rural entrepreneurs by improving the capacity and increasing the outreach of the Fund’s investees. With nearly EUR 2 million in secured donor funding, agTAF aims to support 15-20 institutions in its first years of operation.

AgTAF intervention areas include the development of innovative financial products for the benefit of rural and agricultural clients, introducing alternative delivery channels as well as strengthening of the financial, operational, social and environmental performance and risk management practices of the Fund’s investees.

agTAF aims to increase the available donor funding up to EUR 4.5 million in total and is currently open for fundraising.

Aims to support the Fund’s investees (rural MFIs) in improving their outreach and impact and providing opportunities to the rural poor around the world. With nearly EUR 5 million donor funding, RIF II TA facility has supported 54 projects with 30 investees in 26 countries. The Facility has provided investees with TA support in product development, organisational strengthening, risk management, transformation, distribution channels and MIS improvement among other interventions.

Helps existing and potential FAF investees in addressing the challenges related to agricultural finance. With USD 1.1 million in secured donor funding, FAF TAF has supported 12 projects in 7 countries, as well as regional and global initiatives since 2015. The scope of the TA services includes improvement of the organisational, social and environmental performance of the FAF investees, improving the productivity and quality of smallholder agriculture, meeting certification requirements as well as sharing knowledge and best practices to promote sustainable agricultural finance.

FAF TAF aims to increase the available donor funding and is currently open for fundraising.

Supports Incofin cvso investees and potential investees in improving their overall development with regard to financial, managerial and operational performance, as well as in maximising their impact in improving the living conditions of small entrepreneurs in developing countries. Since 2010, Incofin cvso has supported 14 projects with 17 investees in 11 countries.