Country Cote d’Ivoire
Commodity Cocoa

Ecookim is a union of 23 cooperatives that purchases, processes and exports cocoa beans from around 12,000 smallholder farmers (< 5ha per producer) in the Ivory Coast. It is the leading Fairtrade exporting organisation in the country (among the top 5 exporters of cocoa), with 41,436 hectares of cocoa sustainably cultivated with strict controls to guarantee a positive social and environmental impact. Ecookim has created over 200 permanent jobs with standards above local legal requirements.

Country Brazil
Commodity Honey

Casa Apis refers to the “Apiculture Cooperatives Center of the Brazilian Semi-Arid”, and uses principles of organic production, focusing on promoting the care for the environment. It promotes productive chains involving poor populations including family farmers via an innovative business model. Casa Apis has a strong impact in the development of Brazilian Semiarido region, not only through the honey business but also through the implementation of social projects in the 30 municipalities that compose the area of influence. Over 7800 families benefit from Casa Apis operation.

Country Colombia
Commodity Coffee

Established in 1961 DelosAndes Cooperativa groups over 3,600 members of which more than 75% hold less than 5 ha. It is among the top coffee exporters in Colombia and it is one of the most innovative organizations in terms of members´ services, risk management and technology.

Country Kazakhstan
Client since 2006

Kazmicrofinance  is one of the prominent leaders in microfinance in Central-Asia.  The institution serves rural and urban micro entrepreneurs, with a focus on women and rural areas. Kazmicrofinance has a network of 12 offices in the economically most active regions of the country. From its strategy to provide financial services throughout Kazakhstan, KMF also established 21 branches in remote rural areas. Through its network, the institution offers various types of loans, including group loans, corporate loans and agricultural credits. The SMART campaign recognized the KMF approach as an example for other MFIs worldwide.

Country Cambodia
Client since 2007

HKL is one of the leading sustainable finance institutions in Cambodia. It helps its clients to succeed in their businesses by providing suitable financial services to contribute to the development of Cambodia. The institution is committed to long-term social and financial sustainability and improving the income of its clients. HKL provides loans, savings, and other inclusive financial services countrywide, in particular to women and low income families in rural areas.

Country Congo DRC
Client since 2015

ProCredit Bank aims to facilitate access to banking services for all, by financing Congolese businesses with a full range of innovative and adapted services. The institution promotes the culture of saving and a sense of responsibility that can help bring greater stability and security to ordinary households.