Country Burkina Faso
Client since 2017

Fidelis Finance is a leader in the financial leasing sector in Burkina Faso. Its operations specialise in financing the ‘missing middle’ of MSMEs, especially financing the productive equipment of companies. The Burkinabè company, which started its activities in 1998, controls over 70% of the market. Over the past twenty years, Fidelis Finance has expanded its product offerings to include not only equipment loans, but also lease credits, long term rentals, market caution and specialty loans.

Country Ecuador
Client since 2005

Banco Solidario aims to contribute to the development and quality of life of micro-entrepreneurs and salaried workers. It was the first bank in Latin America to be specialised in microcredit with 100% private capital, as well as the first in Ecuador to focus exclusively in this type of financial operation. Banco Solidario has been recognised as a clear innovator in microfinance due to its methodology, evaluation practices and risk management tools. It has disbursed USD 8.5b in productive and consumption microcredit loans to over 500,000 micro entrepreneurs and 1.3m salaried workers.