Sustainability Risk Policy

Principal adverse sustainability impact statement of Incofin Investment Management NV 

In accordance with regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector, Incofin Investment Management NV (“Incofin IM”)  makes the following statement relating to principal adverse sustainability impact (“PAI”).

As an impact investor, Incofin IM seeks to invest in companies that are not only financially sustainable, but also contribute to solving socio-economic problems, while avoiding harm to its end-clients, local communities, and the environment in which it invests. When making an investment, Incofin IM supports its investee companies to contribute to the overall value creation for the company as a whole, its shareholders, its end-clients, and the society and environment in general. Incofin IM considers PAI of investments on sustainability factors as part of its 4-step risk management approach:

  1. Identify sustainability risks relating to the investments;
  2. Assess the materiality of the identified sustainability risks;
  3. Control the identified sustainability risks by avoiding or limiting them; and
  4. Monitor and reporting on the sustainability risk throughout the lifetime of the investments.

The sustainability risks are defined as environmental, social and governance factors that can or may potentially have a significant negative impact on the assets, financial performance, earnings or reputation of Incofin IM. These ESG factors are considered against international standards.

For more information, please open the link to the sustainability risk policy:

IIM Sustainability Risk Policy