The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) published a new report, Financing the Sustainable Development Goals: Impact Investing in Action, that reiterates the need for impact investors to raise and direct new capital to help meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

With an estimated $5-7 trillion needed annually to achieve the goals, it is clear that more capital, deployed by investors whose aims align with these goals, is an absolute requirement.

Incofin has been featured as a case study  to illustrate the evolution of increasingly sophisticated and targeted approaches by investors directing capital towards the UN SDGs. Amit Bouri, CEO and Co-Founder of the GIIN says: “Through these case studies, we are highlighting investors and their strategic approaches to the SDGs, which we hope will inspire those in the investment community to consider how they too can take active roles in helping achieve these goals.”

Incofin incorporated the SDGs into its due diligence and investment management process across all its managed and advised funds, and has made 60 investments globally that target market-rate returns while pursuing these aims. Togo O’Brien, Corporate Development Manager of Incofin says: “The response from our investors regarding our application of the SDGs has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate that we don’t just communicate on the SDGs on a superficial level. By mapping each indicator to a SDG target, we are able to substantiate our alignment and contribution to the SDGs in a practical and tangible way. We’re not just saying we align with the SDGs, but we’re showing how.”

Download the full report here. 


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